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As you may have seen in recent news the outbreak of the coronavirus that began in the Chinese city of Wuhan has now killed + 170 people around China. 

The virus has since spread through all provinces of China and we are now seeing an international risk to all other countries around the world with the World Health Organisation declaring it a public health emergency of international concern, with 82 infections in 18 countries outside of China. 

Chinese New Year holiday sees hundreds of millions of people travelling across cities, either for tourism or back to their hometown to spend time with family. 

To help contain the virus, the China Central Government has announced an extension to the Lunar New Year holiday – that now being to Feb 2nd or as late as the 9th Feb depending on the municipal area. 

Common sense tell us that this will disrupt normal production and commercial activities (freight handling) after Chinese New Year (Factories staying closed longer, not having enough staff to complete orders, Air and sea handling delays etc) but it’s clear it is a responsible and necessary step to reduce the spread in China and to assist with stopping further infections around the globe. 

We will continue to update you as further information comes to hand and please refer to your assigned Customer Solutions Representative where assistance is required. 

Please find the enclosed attachment - China Central Government


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